My Anticipation for MCU Movies

Here is my anticipation for all the upcoming movies in the MCU that have already been announced, in order from most anticipated to least anticipated:

Black Panther II

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Black Widow

The Eternals

Thor: Love and Thunder

Untitled Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel

Untitled Captain Marvel sequel

Update on Films I Will and Will Not See in 2020

This is an updated list of the movies I was interested in seeing earlier in the year:

Black Widow- This movie is still coming out in 2020. Its new release date is November 6, 2020.

Wonder Woman 1984- Again, this movie is still coming out in 2020. It has been delayed twice, with its latest release date being October 2, 2020.

The Eternals- This movie has been pushed back to 2021. Its new release date is February 12, 2021.

Morbius- Another movie that has been pushed back to 2021. It will now come out on March 19, 2021.

Venom 2- Yet another movie that has been pushed back to 2021. It will be coming to theaters on June 25, 2021. Also it will be going by a new name, Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Bloodshot- It came out. I didn’t see it.

The New Mutants- Still hasn’t come out yet. Its newest release date is August 28, 2020. It has a 10% chance of being good, a 9% more chance than I gave it back in January. However is this movie is pushed back to 2021, then it goes back to having a 1% chance of being good.


MCU Rankings

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)-

Great fucking movie, the best movie of the MCU and one of the best movies I have ever seen. This movie is different than all the other movies in the MCU. An important part of that is the villains. Unlike the other MCU movies, the villains of this movie are more real: the Government and conspiracies. First off, the soundtrack is the best the MCU has to offer. A lot of the music in this movie makes the scenes that they’re in even cooler and they’re a great listen just by themselves, all thanks to the work of Henry Jackman. Second, the relationship between Captain America and Black Widow is one of the most beautiful relationships in the MCU, even better than all of the romances put together. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson do a spectacular job in this movie and have amazing chemistry together, which makes sense considering that they are friends in real life. There is a bit of shaky cam during the fight scenes. Not enough to ruin the movie but enough to distract. Also the relationship between Steve and Sharon falls flat compared to his relationship with Natasha. This movie has the right amount of tension and intrigue.

2. Avengers: Endgame (2019)-

Read my original review here. A thrill ride from beginning to end. The MCU has been building up to this for 11 years, and Endgame stuck the landing. Some things about it could have been done differently but I can overlook the faults of the movie and enjoy the ride. First off, Karen Gillan gives her best performance as Nebula in the MCU. I like that she is humanized here and she has a great rapport with Tony Stark. Seeing her be a good guy is great to see, and seeing her fight her past self shows her development very well. The scene where all the heroes that were snapped come out of the portals with the music playing is the best scene in the MCU. The score by Alan Silvestri is fucking great. The one thing that is wrong with this movie was the scene where Gamora talks to present day Nebula and decides to help her. It was rushed and Gamora should have questioned Nebula a bit more before deciding to help her defeat Thanos, but at the same time they needed to show that the old Gamora that everyone knows and loves is still in there. The action sequences are great. If the MCU ended here, it would have ended on a high note.

3. Black Panther (2018)-

Read my original review here. One of my favorite MCU movies. The action is great, the main characters are great, the villains are great, and the soundtrack is great thanks to the work of Ludwig Goransson. Erik Killmonger is one of the great MCU villains, with the filmmakers actually humanizing him and making him a sympathetic character as opposed to making him a one-note villain like Hela. Ulysses Klaue is good too, entertaining in a psychotic kind of way and displaying much more personality than Hela. Shuri acts like a realistic teenager. She also has a great relationship with her brother T’Challa that feels real and interesting. Props to the filmmakers and Martin Freeman for not making Everett K. Ross a joke and instead make him an interesting character. M’Baku is such a dick, I love him. Even the songs by Kendrick Lamar are great, the most notable examples being “Pray for Me’” and “All the Stars”. The weakest part of the movie was the two romantic interactions between T’Challa and Nakia, it was not as interesting as everything else in the movie. There are many stories to tell with these characters after the events that of Infinity War and Endgame.

4. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)-

It’s exactly what it needs to be. This movie finally has Thanos, the villain the MCU has been building up to, show up. And when he shows, shit goes down. In the first scene of the movie, he kills two major characters in the Thor franchise. Then, at the end, he takes out the Avengers with minimal effort. He is a great villain, but he truly becomes tragic when he and Gamora are at Vormir. Chris Hemsworth has his best performance as Thor here, as a guy who is depressed because everybody he knows is dead and is suicidal as a result. I liked the action sequences in this movie, in particular the short but cool fight between Thanos and the Hulk in the beginning of the movie. The soundtrack had some cool moments in it, such as the violin that played when Thanos inserted the Space Stone into the Infinity Gauntlet. In this movie was the most creative use of Doctor Strange’s powers. The worst parts of the movie are anything involving Tom Holland, especially the interactions between Peter Parker and Tony Stark. He is not as annoying as he was in Civil War and Homecoming, but almost anytime he spoke and almost anytime he spoke with Stark, it was not good. Several characters could have been cut out of the movie, such as Thunderbolt Ross and Pepper Potts. Vision spends half the movie wounded, but it wasn’t the best move they could have done with the character. Speaking of Vision, he and Wanda have a relationship and it just comes out of nowhere. Same goes for Vision being able to look like a human.

5. Iron Man 3 (2013)-

Very fun movie. The action sequences are better than the ones in Iron Man and Iron Man 2. The shot of the Iron Man armors flying in at the end, coming together, is one of my favorite scenes in the MCU. One flaw this movie has is the lack of quick, back-and-forth dialogue between Tony and Pepper that Jon Favreau had in the first two Iron Man movies. As a result, their relationship is not as good as it was in the first two Iron Man movies. The soundtrack, by Brian Tyler, has some good music in it such as the music that played during the scene where Tony Stark’s house gets destroyed and the end credits theme. Aldritch Killian is a way better villain than Ivan Vanko.

6. Iron Man (2008)-

Very fun movie. Iron Man is a good movie. I liked the scene in the cave where it gives a first person shooter perspective to one of the members of the Ten Rings. There are some funny scenes in the movie, such as when Tony Stark tells everyone to sit down so he can see them while he is eating his cheeseburger from Burger King. The first suit of armor remains my favorite Iron Man armor because it is completely made of practical effects and is the most realistic in terms of how it’s made. Also seeing the original Iron Man armor from the comics recreated in real life is such an amazing achievement. I love the quick back and forth dialogue between the characters. Robert Downey Jr. does a good job as the lovable dick Tony Stark. At first, it didn’t feel like Obadiah Stane was a villain. He felt like one of Tony’s friends. It was something that was not seen coming. I also appreciated the scenes where it shows Tony building and refining the various features of the Iron Man armor, such as the repulsors.

7. Thor (2011)-

Good movie. Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins turn in great performances. Jeremy Renner, in his brief screentime as Hawkeye, brought all the funny quips. There are also some other humorous moments as well. Thor has the most amount of character development by anyone at this point in the MCU. I really liked the music as the sun set and the scientists realized that Thor was not coming back. Some of the special effects, however, did not age so good. There is some obvious green screen in some scenes and some CGI that is questionable in 2020. Also Laufey is not as interesting a villain as Loki. Also half the movie is shot with the Dutch Angle. It is overused, but its overuse is not as bad as shaky cam.

8. The Avengers (2012)-

Loki is not as good as he was in Thor, but he was still good. The movie gets straight to the point immediately as opposed to other MCU movies. Loki gets a source of great power, and then returns to our world and gets another source of great power. This movie keeps it simple, as it is about a bunch of superheroes being recruited in order to save the world from Loki. The shot where the destruction in New York is seen from inside a car is cool. There are some flaws, however. Thor gets ejected from the Helicarrier and goes to get Mjolnir in the grass field that he lands in. He tries to get Mjolnir to come to him, but for some reason he can’t. He has to pick it up from the ground. Why was this scene in the movie? It is absolutely pointless, and if you cut this scene from the movie, nothing about it would change. I really like the Avengers theme and the other piece of music that plays when Nick Fury and Maria Hill arrive at Project Pegasus in the beginning of the movie. Also, there are several scenes, including all the night scenes, that are so dark that I can’t tell what’s going on.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)-

Great movie, even better than the original. Better action sequences and a better villain. The visuals for this movie are some of the best the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer, and the design for Ego’s spaceship is one of the most creative spaceship designs I have ever seen. The scenes involving the Sovereign spaceships and how they pilot them like they are trying to get a high score in an arcade game, complete with arcade game sound effects, are laugh out loud funny. However the Sovereign queen Ayesha is not as interesting as those moments. In fact, her Admiral comes off as way smarter than her. Another flaw in this movie is how Kraglin doesn’t really get any sort of fatherly love from Yondu the same way that Yondu gives it to Peter despite Kraglin saying that he clearly shows favoritism with Peter. Yondu only give love to Kraglin in the scene where he tells him to pilot the ship, and that’s it. You really get a feel for the dynamic of the group. By the end when Drax says that they are a family, you really believe that they are a family. Plus David Baustista really sells it with his delivery. Gamora and Nebula’s sister-sister dynamic is really touching, and you get to feel for them in the end. The funeral at the end is touching, and seeing all of Yondu’s Ravager buddies come together is a real treat. The movie also brings the jokes too, just like the previous movie.

10. Ant-Man (2015)-

Very fun movie. I like the focus on Scott learning how to use the Ant Man suit and I also like how the movie is paced. It is about the heist and learning all the skills necessary in order to pull it off as well getting all the tools that are needed to do so. In addition, the visuals of the shrinking powers is very unique as it is different from the typical superpowers that you see in movies. The movie is also very funny, more funnier than Age of Ultron. However, there are some problems with the movie. I feel like Hank and Hope’s father-daughter issues are resolved far too quickly. Yellowjacket will not be remembered as one of the greatest villains of all time, but Corey Stoll enjoys playing the role of Darren Cross and he serves his purpose well.

11. Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)-

Read my original review here. Good movie, not as good as the original. The beginning is quite slow and it takes 25 minutes to get to the action. Paul Rudd is just a charismatic dude, and plays the role of Ant-Man really well. I like the scene of Hank Pym’s face covered in shadow as he and Scott meet for the first time in this film, and I also like how their first interaction here is strictly business. The movie brings the laughs, and almost all the jokes land. The action is really good. In particular I like all the creative uses of shrinking here. Michael Pena is quite funny as Luis. David Dalmaschian does a good job as the Russian guy Kurt. I really like Scott’s daughter. Her interactions with her father Scott is some of the best parts of the movie. Scott and Hope have good chemistry together. Walton Goggins does a good job as Sonny Burch who is a black market guy. The Ghost is a sympathetic character and you feel for her. I like that Bill Foster has a code of honor, and his relationship with Ghost is really enduring. The soundtrack has one good moment in it when Kurt is talking about the Baba Yaga. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Ant-Man 3, in particular what they do with Janet Van Dyne and Ghost and Bill Foster.

12. Doctor Strange (2016)-

Read my original review here. Good movie. First off, the villain Kaecilius was one of the more enjoyable villains of the MCU. He will not be remembered as one of the greatest movie villains of all time, but he did his job well. The villain Dormammu, however, was more bland. He looked like a cosmic entity from any other movie and had more in common with Galactus than Dormammu. The scene where Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo spared with each other was great, as well as the scene where they were both arguing with each other before fighting K.ecilius together. The Ancient One’s death was the best death in the MCU, as it provided character development for Strange. Strange’s interactions with his love interest, however, are not as interesting. The final battle where Strange locks Dormammu in a time paradox where he has to die over and over again was a unique way to end the movie as opposed to another battle. I wish we could have seen director Scott Derrickson’s vision for the sequel Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness, but he left the movie in January.

13. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)-

Read my original review here. Good movie, not as good as the original Thor but way better Thor: The Dark World. Visually this film looked cool. The action sequences are amazing, the colors are brighter then they were for Thor: The Dark World. The aliens looked more like aliens here than in Guardians of the Galaxy. I liked how Doctor Strange was used in this movie. They are some funny parts in this movie. I liked the use of the song at the beginning and the end of the movie. The close ups of Mjolnir during the opening fight sequence are amazing. The movie looks visually better than the previous MCU movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thor and Valkyrie had good chemistry together. This movie did have its problems though. At the end, there is one joke that did not land. I did not hate it as much as I did the first two times I saw the movie, but it’s still out of place to say it when there are people on the ship seeing their homeworld get destroyed. Hela is a one-dimensionally evil villain, evil for the sake of being evil. She has no relationship with her brother Thor or her adopted brother Loki, especially Loki. She has some funny moments in this film, but it’s not enough to prevent her from being a generic villain. Her power s are visually cool, though. Why was The Executioner in this movie? Why? He doesn’t do anything substantial until the end of the movie. He could have easily been cut out. I am looking forward to Love and Thunder, but at the same time I am not putting all my chips in that basket.

14. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)-

Fun movie. The soundtrack, by Tyler Bates, has some good pieces in it. The songs that James Gunn chooses for the film are catchy and makes the movie more fun. There is a lot of funny quips and humor that just work. Two things that did not work, however, are the motivations for Drax the Destroyer and Ronan the Accuser. They are both motivated by the death of loved ones, a very cliché motivation. Ronan almost becomes a generic villain because of this. However, his reactions when Peter Quill starts dancing saves him from being generic. Another problem this movie has is that The Collector was built up to be this big threat in the stinger of Thor: The Dark World. Here, he shows up in one scene and after his assistant causes his place to blow up, he is not seen again until the stinger. Also, after the place blows up, Gamora says that they cannot keep The Orb there because The Collector cannot hold its power. It was only because his assistant saw the Power Stone inside The Orb and after hearing the story, thought that it was her only way out of slavery. How does Gamora know that something like that will happen again? The action sequences are great, especially when the camera shakes when Gamora is punching Peter on the ground.

15. Captain America: Civil War (2016)-

Good movie, but not as good as The Winter Soldier. First off, Spider-Man is a complete and total joke in this movie. Tony Stark makes several jokes at his expense in their first meeting, including calling him Spider-Boy. Then after Tony calls him Spider-Boy, Peter pathetically whispers under his breath and corrects him by saying Spider-Man. Then at the airport fight he is treated as the annoying little kid by all the heroes there. He does not justify the screentime he gets in this movie. Another flaw in this movie is how Iron Man gets guilt tripped by some woman who lost her son during the events of Age of Ultron. He had a more interesting response the last time someone tried to guilt trip him in Iron Man 3. Also, him siding with the government does not make any sense considering that he refused to hand over the Iron Man suit to them when they asked him to in Iron Man 2. Also, the motivation for Baron Zemo is bland. Being motivated by the death of a loved one is cliché. The Steve and Sharon romance is the worst in the MCU, a bar that was already set pretty low. She is barely is this movie, and I hope she is more interesting in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Other than that, there are some good things in this movie. The action sequences are an improvement over The Winter Soldier, and the shaky cam doesn’t hurt my eyes. Ant-Man is the MVP in terms of how his powers is used.

16. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)-

Good movie. One thing I did not get though was why the scene where Steve gets kissed by another girl while Peggy was watching was needed. The film did nothing with this scene, and Peggy gets over it a couple minutes later. There is also some obvious green screen when Bucky falls to his death. The action scenes are better than the ones in Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. The ending also adds some tragedy to an otherwise standard MCU movie.

17. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)-

Good movie, not as good as The Avengers. Some problems here include the beginning, where The Avengers are back together despite going their separate ways at the end of the first movie, going through plot points that happened during the first movie, such as a oner, the Hulk fight, the hero vs hero fight, and the final battle against an army of silver metallic things. Also, this movie wastes Baron Strucker and the stinger of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There, Hydra was established to still be a big threat with SHIELD being but one part of their operation, as well as Strucker establishing that this is a “world of miracles” while showing the twins. Here, Hydra gets disposed of quickly and Strucker gets taken out pathetically. Also, he says that the twins are not ready to face The Avengers, yet they go face The Avengers themselves. Another thing wrong with this movie is the scene where Thor goes in a pool of water shirtless, lightning hits him, and he apparently gets visions of the Infinity Stones and the future. What? It just seems that this scene is an afterthought and that this scene should have been cut from the movie. There are some good visuals here in terms of action. There was also some good music, such as the music that played when Black Widow traveled through Seoul on her motorcycle.

18. The Incredible Hulk (2008)-

Not as good as Iron Man, but still good. I liked some parts of the soundtrack, such as the bongos during the chase scene in the beginning. I also liked the Hulk’s first battle in the movie, which is something out of a horror movie. The humor of the movie is good, what little of it there was, such as the scene in the taxi. There are some good parts of the movie where they humanize the Hulk, such as the scene in the rain where Betty comforts the Hulk and tells him to watch his head, and the Hulk looking down and to the side before charging towards the Abomination during the last part of the final battle. There are some parts of it that make it not as good as Iron Man, however. The main villain randomly becomes a drug addict and an insane person for no apparent reason towards the end. It would have been better for him to gradually become insane over the course of the movie, as oppose to it happening out of nowhere. The bullies who challenge Bruce at the beginning are generic, and also are not given names.

19. Iron Man 2 (2010)-

This movie is good, but does have its flaws. Ivan Vanko is a quiet guy, speaking mostly Russian with little phrases of broken English. He could have definitely used a few more lines to flesh out his character, particularly his motivation. Also, Ivan Vanko should have kept his helmet on when Iron Man and War Machine blasted him with their repulsors. There should have also been more dialogue from his father about his relationship with Howard Stark. Also, the reason for having Iron Man and War Machine fight each is the dumbest set up for a hero vs hero fight ever. Tony Stark gets drunk in the Iron Man armor and throws a party, where he is using the suit irresponsibly. James Rhodes gets inside the second Iron Man armor from the first movie and fights Tony. I will say this, Stark can operate the Iron Man armor drunk. I also love the quick back and forth dialogue between Pepper and Tony. There are some good pieces from the soundtrack, such as the taiko drums that play right before the final battle start.

20. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)-

Read my original review here. It’s better than I thought it would be, but the second half of the movie is certainly better than the first. I really liked Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. He carried this movie. He brought this movie up a few spots from where it could have been. I liked the older brother relationship that he had with Peter initially, and despite the cliché backstory that he gave himself, I liked him as a good guy. Then, when the plot twist occurs, this movie gets better because the movie stops being unfunny and awkward. The Peter Tingle is the exception to this rule. As a villain he is smart because he worries about stuff that his partners would not, such as when a drone went missing and he worried about it more than his partner did. He is a better villain than Yon-Rogg. The visuals for his illusions are cool. These illusions will make anyone paranoid and the movie plays that up to its maximum potential. The actions sequences in here are better than in Homecoming. I liked the chemistry between the two reporters of the school news show in the beginning, more than I did in Homecoming where they were forgettable. Betty Brant is trying to do her job seriously, while Jason Ionello just doesn’t give a shit. He curses on the air, reacts to the events of the MCU like a normal person would, and asks all the right questions, in particular: the next time something like Thanos happens, who will protect us? Which brings us to what I didn’t like about this movie. The first half of the movie is not only unfunny it’s awkward. I don’t like feeling uncomfortable when I’m watching a movie, but this movie did that in its first half. The only jokes that landed in the first half came from Jason. The rest of it was unfunny and this movie overplays the humor card. In particular, the scenes where Flash gets hit in the nuts while he is vlogging and the teacher losing his camera could easily been cut out of the movie. The relationships in this movie did not work. Aunt May and Happy Hogan is just awkward. Ned and Betty broke up just as fast as they got together, and you don’t buy it. Peter and MJ were the best, in the sense that they were the least bad. But in the beginning of the movie, Peter obsesses over impressing her and it feels like there was a movie missing that took place between this and Homecoming where Peter starts to develop feelings for MJ. They humanize MJ here, and when Peter ask if she only paid attention to him because he was Spider-Man, she just felt devastated. That was a good bit of acting by Zendaya. The Blip and the Peter Tingle running gags were unfunny. It feels like this movie is made by someone who never read The Amazing Spider-Man. I am cautiously optimistic for Spider-Man 3. The premise is interesting. I am now hyped again for Fantastic Four and X-Men joining the MCU.

21. Thor: The Dark World (2013)-

Another flawed movie. While it has its good points, what brings this movie down is its villains. These villains are generic, coming off as the type of villains you would see in Power Rangers. Not the good seasons of Power Rangers, mind you, but the seasons of Power Rangers where the producers didn’t give a shit. The soundtrack is great, once again composed by Brian Tyler. The great pieces from it are the song that plays during the battle, the song that plays during the viking funeral, and the song that plays when Malekith shows up. Speaking of the viking funeral, it is beautiful and well done. It is one of my favorite scenes in the MCU.

22. Captain Marvel (2019)-

Read my original review here. The second whiff of the MCU. This movie has an interesting concept, but the execution, oh my god. The soundtrack is forgettable, with some terrible song choices towards the end, specifically “Just a Girl” which played during the final battle. The foreshadowing is blatantly obvious, and the dialogue is awkward and clunky. There is very little humor in this movie, but unlike Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Black Panther that also had very little humor in it, none of the jokes landed. In fact, some bits of humor towards the end, like Yon Rogg getting defeated so easily and Nick Fury losing his eye to a cat, just pissed me off. Speaking of the cat, Goose was a lame attempt by Marvel at making the next Groot. None of the characters are interesting, and you don’t give a shit about them. The villains especially, as they are underdeveloped and lack a reason for why they are doing what they do. Everybody in Starforce outside of Yon Rogg were so generic that they had the personality of generic Power Rangers foot soldiers. In fact, if they were replaced by Power Rangers foot soldiers not only would I not be able to tell the difference but the movie might get better. The main character just looked stoic the entire time, and the whole conflict of her being emotionless is entirely tell and none of it is shown. In fact, nothing about this character works. Not her memories coming back, not her relationship with her best friend, not her familiarity with Earth, and especially not her technical expertise. In Iron Man, they show Tony Stark having montages of him figuring out how to make his tech work, such as the Iron Man armors. Here they just skim through Captain Marvel learning how to hot rod shit. Mar-Vell is supposed to be this important character, but she doesn’t come off that way. Ho Yinsen, who appeared briefly in two Iron Man movies, was more important than this person was. The settings in this movie were dull and drab compared to Guardians of the Glaxo where the settings were more colorful. Also the aliens were more interesting looking. The action sequences were the best part of the movie, but they didn’t become good until Minn-Erva shoots a laser bullet that shoots through multiple Skrulls. Speaking of Skulls, the only one who looks unique is that one who tapped on Captain Marvel’s head in the beginning. Captain Marvel 2 will take place in the present day, and it feels like Marvel is trying to turn Captain Marvel into a female Captain America knockoff, with Captain Marvel 2 serving as her Winter Soldier, while the original Captain Marvel is her First Avenger. This wastes a lot of things about the character that could be interesting. Which is an apt metaphor for this film.

23. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)-

Read my original review here. The worst movie in the MCU. They bend over backwards to make Spider-Man as annoying as humanly possible. Also they turned him into a dumbass. They tried to make Aunt May cool and hip and funny, but she’s not. Really most of the humor in this movie does not land. And this is the movie that comes after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which is really funny and really great. This movie is not great and is not funny. Most of the humor that works in this movie comes from Peter’s best friend Ned. The only other bits of humor that worked in this movie were the line where Flash talks about how he has a hot date Black Widow, and the line after that where the black kid Abe rings the bell ringer and says that that is a lie. I really like the characterization of the villains, however, but I wish that the Vulture didn’t live in a fancy house. It would have made their struggles more believable. All the scenes where Peter talks to his love interest are boring. I don’t know what they were going for with MJ, but she came off as annoying. Towards the end of the movie there is a subtle underlying tension that starts after the Vulture is revealed to be Liz’s dad. It is something that is not present in a lot of other Marvel movies, and it is really well done. Peter is such an idiot for leaving the door to his bedroom open so Aunt May can see him wear the Spider-Man suit without the mask on, and her delivery of “What the f-” is just really terrible. All the parts involving school, especially the Academic Decathlon and the Homecoming dance, just came off as an afterthought. On the positive side, Robert Downey Jr. portrays Tony Stark better here than he did in Civil War. The approach to Spider-Man is all wrong and his suit being high tech and having an AI, no, just no. Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of those movies, that was made by someone who just, I don’t think they read The Amazing Spider-Man.

Mission Statement

From this point on, I will only be focusing on the superhero genre and reviewing superhero movies on this blog.  The days of me talking about politics, religion, and anything else outside of the superhero genre are over. Maybe I shouldn’t have talked about politics and religion in the first place. But whatever, that’s all in the past now. This blog will now be focused on the superhero genre and where it is headed in the future.

Onward Review


After making the most pointless sequel in history, Pixar is back with a brand new movie: Onward, their first movie in a while to not be a sequel. Directed by Dan Scanlon, who directed Monsters University, this movie is about two brothers who want to bring back their dead father. But then things go wrong, and the only part of their dad that they bring back to life is his lower half. Now, they have 24 hours to get an artifact in order to bring their dad back completely before the spell wears off.

This movie is very personal to director Dan Scanlon. Onward is inspired by his father’s death when he and his brother were younger, and their relationship. Scanlon decided to write the story for this movie after hearing an audio clip of his father.

The movie takes place in a world where magic and mythical creatures exist alongside everyday objects such as cars and watches, and it makes for a very unique setting. However, magic is no longer used because the creation of electricity has made things so much easier that there was no need for magic anymore. The older brother, Barley, voiced by Chris Pratt, is one of the few people left in this world who is still interested in magic. There is one problem: he can’t use magic. But his younger brother Ian, voiced by Tom Holland, can. However, Ian doesn’t know how to cast spells. Over the course of this movie he learns how to cast spells, and the movie does a good job at showing his training. Seeing him cast multiple spells at the same time at the end of the film is a very logical progression. Also it helps to illustrate the relationship between him and Barley, as they get into many conflicts as the result of magic use. This is the first time that I have liked Tom Holland in anything, and I have only seen him as Spider-Man in the MCU.

There are several funny moments in this movie, which is unsurprising since it’s made by Pixar. In particular the comedy comes from this being a road trip movie where the characters have to travel to a certain destination in order to get something. Barley and Ian’s mom, voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, also gets involved in the plot, trying to save them from a curse. Accompanying her on this trip is a manticore who the brothers encountered earlier in the film. The manticore, voice by Octavia Spencer, gets a few funny moments herself like when she knocks out a shopkeeper in order to get an item that they need. At first it seems like they are going to save the day in the end, but I like that they didn’t save the day and Ian had to do it instead. Having mom and the manticore save the day would have detracted from the film.

Barley and Ian both have personal reasons for wanting to bring back their father and spend time with him, but Barley’s reason is not revealed until at least halfway through the film. The relationship between the brothers really hit home for me. I am an older brother myself, and the familial bonds between them and the way they alternate between arguing with each other and loving each other got me hooked into the film. Most other films would not have connected with me in this way. It was a good thing that they decided to not have a love interest for Ian, because having him become more confidant and having friends in school makes much more sense.

There is one problem I have with this movie: how it ends. Without going into too much detail, the movie builds up something and does not deliver on it. In The Avengers, the mid-credits scene depicts Thanos having an interest in Earth and The Avengers. Future MCU movies released after The Avengers built up the idea of Thanos coming to Earth and The Avengers having to battle him, and in Avengers: Infinity War, this build up finally comes to pass. My point is, if you build up something, you better deliver on it.

I find it hilarious that a Simpsons short accompanied the film. The movie did not do well in theaters due to the coronavirus. I hope this movie gets a second life on Disney+ where it can become a cult classic, because this movie is too good to be forgotten.


Well, it’s time to look back. I first started this blog in 2016, and four years later it is still here. The blog has went through several different directions during that time, the current direction being “movie reviews”.

In the past, I made posts on politics, philosophy, religion and other stuff. Right now I am 100% committed to doing movie reviews and I have plans to expand the types of movies that I review in the very near future.

As for the direction of the blog in the future? Well, that is up in the air. We can never predict the future, but we sure can try. I will say this: there will be a more consistent direction in the future, one that is focusing on one thing with a narrow focus. What that thing is, I don’t know. I will figure it out this year and let you know.

Films I Will And Will Not See in 2020

Here is the list of movies I might plan on seeing in 2020, as well as one that I will not see.

Movies I Will See If The Fan Buzz Is Really Good:

Black Widow – The trailer looks good. Let’s hope that this movie is better than Captain Marvel.

Wonder Woman 1984 – I really liked the first Wonder Woman movie. But this could either be good or a case of sequelitis, depending on how they handle the resurrection of Steve Trevor.

The Eternals – Hopefully Marvel changes their costumes before the movie comes out. Their costumes are all the same in the first look images that were revealed at D23, and none of them wear those costumes in the comics.

Godzilla vs Kong – The director saying that this movie will have a definite winner between Godzilla and Kong makes this interesting to see. However, the movie’s release date being delayed has me concerned.

Morbius – Could be good, could be bad. It’s a toss up.

Venom 2 – I never saw the original Venom. Hopefully the R-rating fixes the problems that people had with the first movie.

Bloodshot – From the trailer, it looks like Venom.

Mulan – It seems that they’re turning Mulan into a wuxia film. Hm.

The New Mutants – There is a 1% chance that this movie turns out to be good. However, it’s more likely that this movie will be terrible.

No Time To Die – Let’s hope that Daniel Craig ends his time as James Bond with a bang, not a whimper.

Tenet – The time travel effects in the trailer is what got me interested in this movie.

The Grudge– Seeing the hands come out of that guy’s hair in the commercials made me interested in a horror movie for the first time. However, this will most likely be terrible since it’s coming out in January.

Onward – Kudos to Pixar for deciding to create more original films instead of developing more sequels to their already existing movies. Many studios would not make this decision.

Movies I Will Not See No Matter What

Birds of Prey – Everything about this movie looks terrible. Everything.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review


Warning: Spoilers for past MCU films, such as Endgame.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a huge improvement from Homecoming. A pleasant surprise, considering that I hated Spider-Man: Homecoming when I saw it in theaters in 2017. Far From Home is the 23rd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the final film of Phase 3 and “The Infinity Saga”. It is directed by Jon Watts (Clown, Cop Car), who also directed Homecoming.

Taking place after Endgame, it explores the fallout of that film and Infinity War, as well as show Spider-Man in a post-Endgame world. Peter Parker has just returned to a normal life and wants to go on vacation with his friends. But Nick Fury shows up and recruits Peter to help him fight creatures known as The Elementals. But there is more going on here.

Concerning Mysterio’s plan, it is the most far fetched plan ever. Having him fool Nick Fury with that far fetched plan is just unbelievable, even with the twist that comes in the post-credits scene. Zemo’s plan to frame the Winter Soldier in Civil War is more believable than this.

Speaking of Nick Fury, this film goes out of its way to present him in a negative light. He gets conned by the most far fetched plan ever, Maria Hill makes him look bad, he is portrayed as an asshole authority figure as opposed to a force for good as he was portrayed in earlier MCU films. Between this and Captain Marvel, 2019 is not a good year to be Nick Fury. His only good showing this year is Endgame, where he appears in only one scene. Hopefully he dies in his next film appearance like Phil Coulson did in The Avengers so people can remember the good parts of the character and forget about his most recent appearances.

Peter is more smarter here than he was in Homecoming. He shows his scientific skills in several interesting ways here as opposed to his scientific skills being told to the audience in Homecoming.

The way the “next Iron Man” thing was handled in this film was organic to the character of Spider-Man. He is struggling with balancing a normal life with being a superhero. Many people, such as Fury, expects him to step up and become the “next Iron Man”. But Peter doesn’t want to do that. Instead he just wants to hangout with his friends and have a normal life. In the end, Peter decides to be his own man and him being the “next Iron Man” is just subtext that can be easily ignored.

Zendaya as MJ is far better here than she was in Homecoming. Her character was more likable here because she has more screen time and shares more scenes with Tom Holland’s Peter. That said, Peter and MJ’s relationship is not interesting. Whenever they speak to each other, it feels like they’re more friendly with each other than romantic. Peter’s relationship with his best friend Ned is more interesting than his romance with MJ.

Speaking of Ned, his relationship with Betty Brant just came and went, and it wasn’t interesting either. They skip the introduction, and they skip the breakup too. So it just feels like it comes out of nowhere.

Half the humor in this film can be ignored easily. There was some moments that were funny, but there were more misses than hits. There are some comedic parts, like a teacher taking a selfie with a really old camera and having it fall into the water, that should have been cut.

The special effects and the action is great, but this is an MCU film, so this should be expected. If the special effects were garbage, then it would be worth discussing in depth.

Overall, Spider-Man: Far From Home is an improvement from Homecoming and brings the character of Spider-Man back on track in the MCU. The post-credits scenes of this film are game changers, and their fallout will be felt in the future MCU films.

Avengers: Endgame Review


Warning: Mild spoilers for Infinity War and Endgame.

While not the final Avengers film or even the final movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Avengers: Endgame wraps up the story arc that has been building up over the first eleven years of the MCU and serves as the finale of “The Infinity Saga”, as dubbed by Kevin Feige.

Endgame is the 22nd movie in the MCU and is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo (You, Me and Dupree). It picks up weeks after the end of Avengers: Infinity War, and goes from there.

In the beginning, the film does a nice job of deconstructing the typical superhero morality. The Avengers show up and get their revenge on Thanos, while he is doing nothing wrong, and they don’t feel any better afterwards because they are unable to undo the changes that he has made to the universe.

The film has a lot of characters in it, and it does an amazing job of balancing them. Not everyone gets to speak, but all the heroes get their moments to shine. The majority of the focus, however, is placed on the original six Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. As it should be, since this is the conclusion of their story arcs (Black Widow’s upcoming movie notwithstanding.).

Several characters are depicted better here than they are in their own movies. Captain Marvel is used better here than she was in her own movie. In terms of being the strongest character in the MCU, the Russo Brothers definitely show this here. Despite his brief screentime, Spider-Man is used well. It seems that the Russo Brothers are the only directors in the MCU who care about Spider-Man.

Time travel is used to great effect. They can’t use time travel to go back in time to kill Thanos when he was a baby and prevent the events of Infinity War. It shouldn’t be that easy.

The movie balances comedy and seriousness very well. There is enough comedy in there to prevent it from being completely depressing, but at the same time it doesn’t have so much of it to the point where everything is a joke and there are no stakes.

The characters who died in Infinity War from means other than “The Snap” remain dead, while the characters who died in “The Snap” come back to life. None of the deaths that occur here are undone, and should not be undone in future films. However, bringing back the characters who died in “The Snap” cheapens the effects of death in the MCU and questions the permanence of it. But at the same time, the means used to bring them back are now gone. Hopefully, they do not invent new means to bring people back in future films.

The camera is erratic is some scenes, especially in some fight scenes, and it would have been better to have the camera stand still so more of the action can be seen. The same can be said of some non-action scenes as well.

There is a battle at the end that is one of the largest battles ever depicted in film. The amount of combatants, giant things, ships, and characters on screen during this battle is impressive. Nothing of this scale has been seen in any superhero movie before, and that includes Infinity War and the previous Avengers films. The advancements in CGI and technology have all led to this.

Overall, Avengers: Endgame is a fun and satisfying conclusion to the first three phases of the MCU. The Russo Brothers started with Captain America, and fittingly this movie ends with Captain America. This is an experience that must be seen on the biggest screen imaginable.

Captain Marvel Review


Captain Marvel is the 21st movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Half Nelson). Vers (Brie Larson), whose real name is Carol Danvers, is a Kree warrior who is a member of an elite team known as Starforce. Her race is fighting an intergalactic war with shapeshifters known as the Skrulls. She gets stranded on Earth and must stop the Skrulls. Eventually, she discovers that she is actually a human and the Kree have been lying to her the entire time.

Carol Danvers is a proactive character. She shoots the lightspeed engine in order to prevent an evil alien from getting his hands on it. As a result, she is hit by the resulting energy waves and develops superpowers.

The plot twist involving the Kree is predictable and too heavily foreshadowed in the beginning. As soon as the Kree refused to tell Carol certain things and told her to serve the Kree, just know that it is all propaganda.

The visual effects for the Skrulls’ shape shifting was cool, but most of them looked exactly the same, with the exceptions of one cartoony looking alien in the beginning and the Skrull refugees.  Their portrayal, however, was unconvincing. In the comics and their other appearances in media, the Skrulls are mostly portrayed as villains. Also, portraying an entire species as victims and refugees is just unrealistic. A better way to write them would be to have some Skrulls kill some innocent Kree as a result of how they have been treated.

In this movie, the original Kree Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, is a female. Why? Why did the directors feel that this was needed? In the comics and all his other media appearances, Mar-Vell is a male. He could have easily been a male in this movie. Him being a scientist who helped Carol and Maria become pilots had nothing to do with being female. The directors probably had a good reason for making this change, and they probably stated it in an interview somewhere, but it did not show in the movie.

Some of the Kree looked cool, especially the one with the beard, Bron-Char. That is a unique look for an alien. But at the same time, they were generic, barely given any characterization, with the exceptions of Yon-Rogg and the Supreme Intelligence. The rest could have been replaced by nameless soldiers, and nothing would’ve been lost except for their designs. Also, the main villain is made into a joke. It didn’t work.

Another thing that didn’t work was the friendship between Carol and Maria. It is explicitly tell, not show.

There is one scene in this movie, which is intended to be a joke, and reveals how something happened. It’s canon now, and it’s stupid. They could have done anything, and the filmmakers chose to do that, and it’s dumb.

Brie Larson’s ‘wooden’ acting is something that was not shown, in this reviewer’s opinion. Carol was told that she needed to control her emotions, but she was being snarky throughout the movie.

The filmmakers have stated that Carol’s origin story was changed to avoid being similar to Green Lantern’s origin story. How is getting caught in the explosion of an alien device the same as being given a ring by a dying alien who asks you to take his place in the space police? Arguably, making Carol a member of Starforce makes her more similar to Green Lantern, not less.

Another small thing that didn’t work in this movie is the origin of a certain word important to the MCU. It is just stupid.

The cat, Goose, is a lame attempt by the filmmakers to create the next Groot. As soon as he grabs several soldiers, it looked visually similar to Groot doing the same thing in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Overall, Captain Marvel is just okay. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t, like using the No Doubt song “Just a Girl” during the final battle. Some of the jokes landed, others did not.